About us

The partners of NextGen Heavenly Heaters are four Christian men who are committed to honoring God through our service, worship, fellowship, and our vocations. We have worked closely with the leadership of Chets Creek Church in Jacksonville, FL to bring you a series of products that we know will be useful for your church and for any relief efforts your church may undertake.

Chets Creek has been using the Heavenly Heater for more than a year and we know firsthand exactly how great the system is. We’re excited to share this new product with you.
In appreciation of God’s faithfulness, and for the support given to us by our church family, we have committed to tithing on every heater we sell.

What Makes Heavenly Heaters Unique

Heavenly Heaters LLC, a company located in Jacksonville, FL USA, takes tremendous pride in presenting the world’s finest Portable Baptistry Water Heater. The Heavenly Heater’s revolutionary design and easy handling, enables anyone to access hot water – on demand – and can decrease the time it takes to heat the water in your church baptistry from hours to minutes! Add a Gas Pressure Gauge, Water Temperature Gauge, Shower Hose, Recirculating Sump Pump and Descaler for a complete hot water experience. The Heavenly Heater’s Gas Pressure Gauge makes sure that you know exactly how much gas is left in your propane tank and that you are always able to heat the water to your desired temperature. The Water Temperature Gauge will ensure that the water is never too hot and never too cold. The Shower Hose provides flexibility by providing showering and cleaning capabilities. The Recirculating Sump Pump enables you to deliver water from other sources while the Heavenly Heater Descaler will help keep your product clean through and through.

The Heavenly Heater was originally designed with church baptistries in mind, but it also serves as a great source of temporary hot water in case of emergencies or even natural disasters. It’s ideal for providing hot water for camping or farming, cleaning tools and machinery or even pots and pans. You can also use the Shower Hose for personal wash-up or to rinse off your muddy pets or larger animals. In addition, the Heavenly Heater is perfect if you need to quickly melt snow or ice.

At Heavenly Heaters, we believe that you should always have hot water, where you need, when you need it! Contact us today to hear more.

Hal Swindell – Director of Development
Jan Vanning – Director of Sales
Jeff Engelhardt – Director of Marketing
Jimmy Knight – Inventor, Director of Distribution